What is Essential Rewards

Once you join Young Living as a wholesale member you get 24% off of retail prices.  You can also join Essential Rewards!  Its kind of like a frequent flyer miles program only the points are much easier to redeem! There is no charge to join just sign up!  The only requirement is you agree to buy $50 per month.  And believe me that is easy to do!  This $50 order can be changed every month to include products you want or need.  The shipping date can also be changed every month.  So say you have a shipment date on the 3rd of the month but you don’t need anything then.  Just change the date to later in the month.  There is also a skip a month clause.  You can skip one month per year.  Just contact customer service through live help or call them to tell them. The benefits of joining is you get reduced shipping and free products.  The longer you are a member in Essential Rewards the more free products you receive.  See the chart below.  You can stop it at anytime!  If you do stop it make sure you use your points for free products first!  Once you stop it you do lose your accumulated points!! But if your like me you will love this program!!!

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Here is a video that shows you how to sign up for Essential Rewards:


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